Save Her Soul

The Pit: Where shifters fight to earn their keep. Where alliances and enemies are made or destroyed with the swipe of a claw. Where the rich survey the violence from the safety of their well cushioned privilege. And for as long as she could remember, The Pit is where Moxxi has made her home.

A moment of hesitation is all it would take to lose her life. Luckily, Moxxi never hesitates.

With fur and fang, defending champion, Moxxi has spent her life fighting to earn her keep. Barely scraping by to survive, she kept her gaze away from the luxurious upper crust patrons who paid to see her bleed. Until a perfumed beauty fell into the cage.

An outing with friends took a dark turn when Richelle plummeted into Moxxi’s cage match. Though the jaguar champion protected her, it was only the beginning of their dangerous chance encounters.

Vowing to protect Richelle from the dangers that prowl after her, Moxxi will need to take the fight for her life out of The Pit. That’s if she can convince the highbred human Richelle to entrust her safety to a monster.

Novel Progress:

Outlining 100%
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Supernatural, Romance
Release Date:
To Be Announced