To Protect the Shadows

With war on the horizon, and her own race on the verge of extinction, Nova has to decide between her duty to protect the Viatori Princess or to save her own people. But time is running out, and the choice may not be hers to make.

She must step into the light…

Nova’s spent her life protecting the Viatori princess, knowing one day she would leave Princess Zabrina to rule over her own people, the Relinqou. With her cousin and protector Liam beside her, she proudly bears the burden of her station without complaint. Save for the occasional monster attack and an unrequited love, their lives have been peaceful, their duties light.

However, centuries of peace can only last so long.

For the first time in recorded history, their lands have been invaded, the Viatori either captured or on the run, the Relinquo nearly eradicated. Torn between serving her role as Princess Zabrina’s protector and the Heir to the Relinqou’s throne, Nova decides to demand help from the divine, no matter the cost.

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Book Series:
The Sylvr Heir
Dark Fantasy, Adventure
Release Date:
To Be Announced

About the Series:

Since the creation of the world, Tarbaia was peaceful, its inhabitants too busy enjoying and surviving their divine gifts to fight amongst themselves.

Or so they were.

Woefully unprepared for an invasion, the Relinquo were nearly wiped out. Survivors vanished from their realm, hiding where they couldn’t be found. The Viatori scattered, some accepting their new ruler, others seeking shelter with neighboring peoples.

Crown heirs will need to step up and prove their worth. Warriors will be tested to reclaim their homes.

War is coming.